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News Update and UAE Race Report - Podium!

Pierre Loubere has left the team after having his deal terminated meaning that Ron Squire will race in his spot for Brazil.

Nemesis Racing will be entering the 2013 FSR World Series as well as the World Trophy.

UAE Grand Prix Race Report - Saturday 20th October 2012

The 14th and penultimate round of the FSR World Trophy is the United Arab Emirates Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE as the cars fly around the track while sunset turns to night.  Chris de Jong was joined by Ron Squire has grid 2 wasn't organised but unfortunately Ron didn't make the cut for the race. Chris made it into Q2 for the fourth race in a row and qualified 9th on the grid. After the lights went out, Chris was holding consistenly high positions and was in 7th place behind Danny van der Niet with around 15 laps remaining. As pit stops took place , 3rd place Gennaro Celiento crashed out and van der Niet went in, Chris found himself in 4th chasing down Vitorrio Falco for 3rd, a podium for Nemesis Racing. A five-way battle ensured for third with Chris chasing down Falco being closesly followed by the Ghostspeed of Franz Schnyder.  Vitorrio Falco then made a mistake letting Chris take 3rd place and Franz take 4th. Franz tried to chase down Chris, but he was too strong and crossed the line taking Nemesis Racing's first podium and 30 points for the team.

- James Peutherer



October News Update, Germany, Japan and Korea race reports and interviews with Team Principal James Peutherer and drivers Chris de Jong and Ron Squire

Pierre Loubere, the former Ash Racing WC Test Driver will race his second and final race for the team in Brazil.

After driving solo for 2 races, Chris de Jong will be joined by Ron Squire, who has had internet problems for the race in Abu Dhabi.

The delayed Sennhinna/insitutio Ayrton Senna tribute car will make it's debut at the race in Abu Dhabi and will run until the unveilling on the NMR-002 next year.

A lap of the brand new Nemesis Racing West Midlands Test Track by Ron Squire in the Sennhinna/nsitutio Ayrton Senna tribute car will be uploaded to soon. 

Korean Grand Prix Race Report - Saturday 6th October 2012

Round 13 of the FSR World Trophy and the second of the four fly away races was the inaugural Korean Grand prix at the Yeongam circuit in South Korea. Chris de Jong  raced solo. Again a Grid 2 race was not organised and Chris had no problems firing himself into Q2 for the third race in a row and into 9th place on the grid. However it was not Chris' day and his race ended 26 laps down from suspension problems. positives were there though, as Chris got into Q2 for the third successive race.

Japanese Grand Prix Race Report  - Saturday 29th September 2012

Round 12 of the FSR World Trophy and the first of the four fly away races was the Japanese Grand Prix at the legendary Suzuka circuit. Due to their being under 36 drivers participating in the race, Grid 2 was not organised and Chris de Jong, made his way into Q2 for the second successive race and qualified 9th on the grid. Pierre Loubere started at the back end of the grid for the race and retired early from suspension failure caused by computer issues.Unfortunately Chris had a collision early on with Ghostspeed's Ville Leppala and went out of the race with suspension issues 7 laps in, even though Chris didn't finish the race, Nemesis showed its qualifying strength with a second Q2 in a row.

German Grand Prix  Race Report - Saturday 15th September 2012

Round 11 of the FSR World Trophy and the last european race of the year was the German Grand Prix at the twisty GP-Strecke circuit at the Nurburgring. Chris de Jong raced solo after Ron Squire had internet problems and made it into Grid 1 and achieved his goal of Q2 for the first time and qualified 8th on the grid. The race started and Chris was in 5th until a crash early on in the race dropped him back down the field. Going into the last lap Chris was in 10th and spun out but luckily didn't lose any positions, Chris was bumped up to 9th after Peter Brljak's last lap engine failure but suffere dengine failure on the home straight! Luckily Chris put the car into neutral and just being passed on the straight crossed the line in 10th and collected 13 points for the team. This put Chris in 48th place in the Drivers Championship and the team in 33rd place in the Constructors Championship after just 7 races.


James Peutherer, Team Principal

Q: What do you think of the progress the team has made in it's maiden half a season?

James: I'm really happy with the progress that we've achieved and we are of course looking to the future as well as the last 2 races in Abu Dhabi and Brazil and hoping for good results.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve in the last 2 races of the season?

James: We set ourself a goal when we raced in Hungary and that was too achieve a podium before the end of the season, and in Germany we came close and you never know, a podium doesn't seem so far away.

Q: The Sennhinna/Insitutio Ayrotn Senna Car looks very stylish, what are your thoughts on the car?

James: When you think of F1, you think of the legends, Senna, Prost, Schumacher and for many including me and especially Chris, Senna was an idol and a role model and we wanted to portray that in Tamas Vargyasi's design by supporting the Insitutio Ayrton Senna and doing our part to make everyone aware of this brilliant charity that helps educate under privileged children in Brazil.

Q: Are you looking for a possible Drivers/Constructors challenge next year?

James: There are a lot of fantastic teams in the World Trophy and we will have to push very hard, but with the brilliant talent we already have in Chris and more talent we are hoping to bring in, we may just be able to make it a reality.

Chris de Jong, Driver

Q: What do you think of the progress the team has made so far?

Chris: With one word interesting, it's great to see the progress that is made and the most interesting thing is that we haven't even reached maximum potential yet, we are so motivated it is a pity that the season is about to end but it does give us time to catch up to the competition.

Q: We've seen you come close to the top end of the field in Germany and in qualifying. is a podium this season a possibility?

Chris: Possible most certainly, personally the league has worked out as an obsession for me.

Q: And finally the Sennhinna/Insitutio Ayrton Senna car looks very stylish on the track, but just what does Senna mean to you as a driver and a person?

Chris: Senna is more than a role model for me, he is a person that really inspires me duo his in my eyes perfect work, but also on a personal level.

Ron Squire, Driver

Q: Personally what have you thought of your time so far at Nemesis Racing as a test driver and your goals ahead of your first race?

Ron: Firstly, I am improving lots from my time here and i had highs and lows and i hope to improve next year. Now i was supposed to start in Germany but the connection dropped off at my end. Now going towards my debut grand prix in UAE I am really under pressure due to my under performance at the moment but improving on setup and pace plus grip trying to get a good lap time.



News Update and Belgium and Italy Race Reports

Chris de Jong has signed a contract that keeps him at Nemesis Racing till December 2012.

Ron Squire has signed a contract that keeps him at Nemesis Racing till November 2013.

Car Designer Tamas Vargyasi is working on a special Insitutio Ayrton Senna/Sennhina car that Nemesis Racing will run from Germany to the final round of 2012 in Brazil.

Italian Grand Prix Race Report - Saturday 25th August 2012

Round 10 of the FSR World Trophy took Nemesis Racing to the fast-flowing Monza for the 2012 Italian Grand Prix. With James Peutherer away and already finished for FSR 2012 to take on the role of Team Principal and Ron Squire not availible to drive till the German Grand Prix, Chris de Jong was the sole driver of Nemesis Racing who entered the race.  Chris struggled in Pre-Qualifying and missed out on Grid 1 by one place, however this meant Chris started on pole in Grid 2. Chris lead for most of the race, however near the end of the race Chris suffered a brake problem, but kept going at a slow speed. Chris eventually came home in 5th, collecting 3 points and the first points for Nemesis Racing in FSR WT 2012 putting Chris 65th in the Drivers Championship and Nemesis Racing 39th in the Constructors.

Belgian Grand Prix Race Report - Saturday 18th August 2012

The 1 week delay of the race had no effect has team development was shown at Round 9 of the FSR World Trophy, the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Pre-Qualifying went well for Chris de Jong, making it into Grid 1 for the second race in a row. James Peutherer, in his last FSR Race of the season after taking on the role of Team Principal, was starting 8th in Grid 2. Chris qualified 19th out of 25 in grid 1 and had an impressive start, avoiding numerous incidents to climb 10 places into 9th within the first few laps. Chris consistently held positions in the mid field with his positions ranging from 9th-13th. Sadly a race finish was not to be, when Chris suffered a gearbox failiure on Lap 18, 15 laps from the end. James Peutherer had a bad final race, crashing on the formation lap and starting from the pits. After he came out from the pits, James caught up with the damaged car of Sam Jones on the Kemmel Straight and passed him for 9th. Unfortunately after passing Sam Jones on the first lap, James crashed and suffered suspension failiure at Puohon. Even though both drivers DNF'd, signs of team development was definately shown.

- James Peutherer

Team Principal



News Update

James Peutherer has taken on the role of Team Principal of Nemesis Racing with John Peutherer remaining as team co-owner.

Nemesis Racing have agreed to sponsor the unoffficial FSR World Trophy highlights produced by Ron Squire and Recorded by Nemesis Racing Team Principal and driver James Peutherer, with the highlights starting from Spa on saturday.

15/08/12 The NMR-001 Car Presentation video has been uploaded to youtube.

Nemesis Racing's Spa hot lap driven by Chris de Jong was uploaded to youtube yesterday. 

- James Peutherer

Team Principal and Driver



Spanish Grand Prix Race Report - Saturday 5th August 2012

On 5th August 2012, Nemesis Racing competed with the NMR-001 for the first time at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix at the Valencia Street Circuit. In a Grand Prix that was about getting used to the car, Chris de Jong's hopes for a podium fell short, however he did make Grid 1, finishing pre-qualifying in 19th and qualifying in 21st place, but unfortunately retired due to brake failure 19 laps from the end of the race, Chris was disqualified after the race for his race log not being received, caused by a fault with the file submitter. James didn't do a pre-qualifying lap and automatically started 7th in Grid 2. James fell to 9th and struggled with suspension issues, and crashed out of the race on lap 7, while driving back to the pits for a new front wing, Flying Finns Racing driver, Toumas Kariola, hit James taking out his back wing and suspension causing James to crash out of the race. The team made progress this weekend, with Chris making grid 1 and are focusing on a podium place in Spa next saturday. Due to dissapointing laps in Hungary, the hot laps from the Hungarian Grand Prix will not be uploaded, but Chris' grid 1 qualifying time for Spain will be uploaded shortly  along with a Nemesis Racing race higlights video, the NMR-001 presentation will follow suite after next weeks Belgian GP. You can find us on youtube at or on the videos page of this website.

- James Peutherer

Team Principal and Driver


Car Unveiling and Hungary Race Report


On 18th July 2012, we are proud to present the car that we will be competing with until the end of the Formula Simracing World Trophy season. The stylish NMR-001 is a black and red stunner fit to impress. Driver and Team Co-Owner, James Peutherer experessed his liking of the car. "I think the car looks great and will also be a competitor on the track, after having to race with the general car at Hungary, it feels nice to be able to drive with a car of our own. We have supplied a fact file for the car. You can see a picture of the car at the top of the website.

Name: NMR-001

Chassis: Red Bull Racing

Engine: Renault RS27-2012

Designer: Tamas Vargyasi

First Race: 2012 Spanish Grand Prix

Hungarian Grand Prix Race Report - Saturday 14th July 2012

Nemesis Racing made it's debut at the Hungarian Grand Prix on the 14th July at the Hungaroring, Budapest in the World trophy catagory of Formula simracing. Both drivers qualified in grid 2 racing General cars after a bad pre-qualifying session from James Peutherer and Chris de Jong's failiure to turn up for pre-qualifying. The drivers started their FSR careers with James and Chris starting in 9th and 10th respectively. After a numbers of accidents in the first laps. James found himself in 7th and Chris in 2nd. Unfortunately, Chris' race ended on lap 14 of 26 after an engine failiure. On lap 20, James was in 5th and was looking to finish in points but he too experienced engine failiure and his race finished in retirement. The team is aiming for a grid 1 start in the next round of FSR at the Spanish Grand Prix. A youtube video of hot laps and the car unveiling will be up shortly. 

- James Peutherer

Team Principal and Driver