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Car #88
Name: Ron Squire
Nationality: Welsh
FSR Debut: 2012 German Grand Prix

After joining Nemesis Racing as reserve and test driver in July 2012 and now signed a contract that keeps him with Nemesis Racing till November 2013,  Ron Squire will now be stepping up to the place of main driver, left vacant by James Peutherer who is now taking on his role of Team Principal instead of driving.  Ron will be hoping to be competitive and qualify for grid 1 in the remaining races of 2012. Ron and James work together on the WT Highlights.

Car #89
Name: Chris de Jong
Nationality: Dutch
FSR Debut: 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

Also with us nevertheless a talented driver who started with driving karts when he was 5 years old but had to quit racing due money issues aged 12 when he was a serious competitor for the national dutch karting championship. Chris de Jong aalso made his FSR debut at the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix for Nemesis Racing. Being a talented driver who will also be driving for BoxRaceBrazil in the World Series, Chris de Jong will be a serious competitor for next years WT Title.


Team Principal: James Peutherer

Team Founders and Owners: James and John Peutherer

Car Designer: Tamas Vargyasi.